SmartAir Patented has been in business for many years rendering air quality management services in various countries and building lasting professional relationships based on trust, outstanding performance, superior results and economically IoT techniques.

SmartAir Patented system is best in that it provides information regarding the air quality we breathe every second in a particular place to assist the consumer in avoiding exposure to airborne diseases. The system improves air quality by reliably assessing, removing contaminants and pathogens from polluted air. The purification destroys microorganism and reduce illnesses caused by breathing polluted air.  Those illnesses include lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, acute respiratory infections, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases such as bronchitis and emphysema.

Air-conditioned buses, trains, aircraft, watercraft and buildings are subjected to the entrance of odours from the polluted outside atmosphere and circulated air in their systems.

The system operates with both IoT (internet of things) and automatization mechanisms simultaneously or one at a time, depending on the environment and the intended results.